The Kind of Busy I Would Like to Be

Dear Readership,
I have recently reembarked on the journey of conversational emailing. What a throwback, right? My 11 year old sister got an email account and is incredibly excited to join in on correspondence in the digital age (mad props to my mom for not just handing her a smart phone right out of elementary school, but making her take baby steps into technology. I have such very strong opinions about the importance of defending innocence in childhood and I think not having instant access to the wide, wide web before you’re ready is a huge part of it). Anyway, she and I have been emailing back and forth since she got it back in February and I received an email this morning in response to something I sent a little over a week ago.
She said, “Sorry I did not get back to you sooner I have been very busy!!”
To which I responded, “No worries, darling. What have you been busy with?”
About 20 minutes later she said, “Getting first place! And singing happy birthday to Isaiah! and now I am doing math 🙄😫😮” (side note: her exploration of self expression through excessive emoji use has by far been my favorite part of this journey. Welcome to the 21st century, kiddo). 
Now, I am INCREDIBLY proud of this girly (and her duo partner, 9 year old Beatrice) for picking a story, cutting, blocking, memorizing, and competing at two different junior league tournaments (winning first place both times) with very little help from anyone. They took their dream and ran with it and it makes me a very proud speech sissy.  
But the real doozy of a time strain here that blows me away is that she actually had to sing happy birthday to Isaiah. I can’t believe he had the nerve to make such a demand on her time when he knows all too well that the average birthday song can take up to 30 seconds. She’s a strong, independent women and she doesn’t have time to be held back by trivialities like celebrating some measly birthday. 
Madness, really.
Then, of course, the dreaded math. Friend to no Patterson sister, myself especially. I know as well as anyone that a single lesson can take up to 48 hours if you are truly versed in the art of dragging out the inevitable so that it becomes a miserable experience for the entire household. I’m proud to have passed on that legacy as well. When it comes down to it, I’m surprised she found time to respond to my email at all.
And yet, as I labor through the worst time of year for any liberal arts major (when there is a 16 page term paper due in every class), I can’t help but wish I was the kind of busy she is. 😘😂😆😅😍😉 
Until next time,

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I'm nobody with the urge to be somebody and a gift for telling stories. My hope is to use this site to hone my writing for a wider audience than college professors and family friends. So cheers to you, dear reader! Please let me know what you think

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