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A Nightmare in the Air

Dear Readership, This is a throwback post. I started writing it a few weeks after the initial trauma occurred this summer, but it has taken me until now to be ready to actually talk about it (not really. I’m being dramatic. I totally forgot about it). But let me tell […]

First Day as a Writer — Oof

Dear Readership, Yesterday was my first full day as a self-identified writer and let me tell you, it was rough. After battling my way out of my own mental prison and choosing to wholeheartedly pursue my passion for writing, I immediately hit a wall. I received AMAZING support from you […]

Chunky and a lil Traumatized

Dear Readership, It’s been unforgivably long. I know. I have a whole list of unposted blogs that I wrote and then decided I hated. What can you do? The following (horror) story is meant for my fellow chunky ladies, but even if you find yourself not in that category, feel […]

The Kind of Busy I Would Like to Be

Dear Readership, I have recently reembarked on the journey of conversational emailing. What a throwback, right? My 11 year old sister got an email account and is incredibly excited to join in on correspondence in the digital age (mad props to my mom for not just handing her a smart phone […]

Cleverness Gone Awry

Dear Readership, Ever had days where you thought you were in charge and then reality curb-stomped you back into your rightful place in the fetal position on the floor praying for sweet oblivion? Because that was my day today. Every time I did something to “beat the system” it would […]