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Airhead turned Assailant

Dear Readership, Ever have those days where you seem to only be firing at half your usual mental capacity and you become convinced that maybe you’ve secretly been an idiot all along and no one told you? Welcome to last Wednesday for me. For whatever reason, it felt like I […]

A Nightmare in the Air

Dear Readership, This is a throwback post. I started writing it a few weeks after the initial trauma occurred this summer, but it has taken me until now to be ready to actually talk about it (not really. I’m being dramatic. I totally forgot about it). But let me tell […]

First Day as a Writer — Oof

Dear Readership, Yesterday was my first full day as a self-identified writer and let me tell you, it was rough. After battling my way out of my own mental prison and choosing to wholeheartedly pursue my passion for writing, I immediately hit a wall. I received AMAZING support from you […]

Chunky and a lil Traumatized

Dear Readership, It’s been unforgivably long. I know. I have a whole list of unposted blogs that I wrote and then decided I hated. What can you do? The following (horror) story is meant for my fellow chunky ladies, but even if you find yourself not in that category, feel […]